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The Siberian Forest Cat


The Siberian Forest Cat, the national cat of Russia, originated in the taiga of Russia around the year 1000. Medium-long to long-haired cats, Siberians are considered the ancestral cat to all modern-day long hairs.  Imported by a cat enthusiast in Baton Rouge, LA, the first Siberian arrived in the United States in 1990.  

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Physical Characteristics

Siberian cats are medium to large muscular cats with a triple coat of hair, large paws, and round heads. Their ruff of fur around their neck creates a majestic look. They have tufts of fur in their paws and ears and a big bushy tail. Although they resemble the Norwegian Forest Cat and the Maine Coon Forest cat, their paws are larger and their head and eyes are more round. Their large paws make them skilled jumpers. 


Siberian cats and kittens can be playful and energetic, yet they are calm and gentle. They are very social, intelligent, and loving.  They enjoy climbing and jumping. Our cats greet us at the door seeking our attention and affection. They enjoy cuddling on our laps and riding on our shoulders. Siberians are known to do well with families with children and other pets.  Many say they possess a dog-like personality. Our cats enjoy spending time with our dog, a black lab. 



Siberian cats are considered one of the most Hypo-Allergenic cats available. They are known to have lower than average FEL D1 levels. FEL D1 is a protein produced mainly in the saliva and sebaceous glands of a cat. Sixty percent of all people suffering from cat allergies are allergic to this protein. With the lower levels of this protein, most people do not react to these cats. 

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