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a Siberian Kitten

Purchasing A Kitten

Our kitten prices are $1600 for kitten requests after July 7, 2022. The first step in purchasing a kitten from us to is to fill out the kitten questionnaire and the kitten reservation form.  I will contact you and let you know how long I believe it will be before a kitten will be available to you. If I do not have a kitten available at that time and we agree,  I will place you on my wait list and get in touch with you when a kitten is available.  There is a $300 non-refundable reservation fee to reserve a kitten after they become available.  This fee applies to the cost of the kitten.  The balance is due at the time of pick up.


What You Will Receive

With the kitten, you will get a purchase agreement from me, a copy of the kitten's vaccination records, a TICA registration slip (after you show proof the cat has been altered), food samples, and a few toys. 


Home Visits

If you would like to visit our home to see the kittens, you may schedule an appointment to do so once the $300 reservation fee has been paid.


When the Kittens Will Be Available

Kittens will not be available until they are at least 12 weeks old.  They will have received their vaccinations, been given a dewormer, and had a health check before being released.  


How to Get Your Kitten

The best way to get your kitten is to come to our house.  However, If you are unable to do so, I may be able to meet you halfway.  I charge 45 cents per mile for my drive.



Our purchase agreement includes a non-declawing clause.  Declawing is an amputation, cutting off the last bone of each toe and can cause lasting physical problems to your cat. There are many other ways to help keep your cat from clawing your furniture.  We trim our cat's nails on a regular basis and supply plenty of scratch pads and scratching posts for them to use.



Our cattery and cats are registered with TICA.  You will receive a copy of the TICA registration slip for your kitten after showing proof that the kitten has been altered.



We prefer feeding our cats raw food, supplemented with the necessary vitamins.  We also use Life's Abundance cat food and Nulo canned cat food.  If you would like to continue with a raw food diet, we can recommend books we have purchased when we started, and the products we use.

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